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Industries Reliable Partner Supplying Coatings with +10 year Track Record

DuraPol Ltd maintains its leading postion by continually pushing the boundaries of polymer chemistry. We set the mark for industrial coatings having higher performance capabilities with increased longevity.

DuraPol coatings can protect new and old industrial assets across all sectors of industry operating in a broad range of extremely corrosive processes. Carbon steel surfaces coated with an appropriate DuraPol coating achieve at least equivalent corrosion resistance than special alloys, at a fraction of the cost.

Unconventional uses include repair of damaged rubber, glass and tank linings. DuraPol coatings are also a cost effective alternative to stainless steel cladding and thermal spray systems.

All our coatings are independently tested in certified laboratories and backed up by a track record that exceeds 10 years.

No matter what the area of application DuraPol is synomymous with offering a complete and effective package to combat corrosion in all its forms without costing the earth.


Did You Know?

DuraPol UHT – the Ultimate Multifunctional Coating Solution

  • Single coat, fast ambient cure
  • Airless spray, brush and trowel grades
  • Immersion “cold wall” temperature resistance +190oC
  • CP compatible at high temperatures
  • Resists acids, bases and solvents at full concentration
  • Resists high pressure, explosive decompression and thermal cyclic processes
  • Bonds metal to metal without hot welding
  • Can be used as a high temperature, chemical resistant adhesive
  • DuraPol UHT tank linings have lasted 10 times longer than conventional alternatives
  • A few of the many uses include protecting multi cargo tanks & process vessels and preventing surface SCC and HIC in subsea duplex alloy structures at high temperatures

Latest News

Field welds coated with DuraPol UHT in the Talisman Hannnay project. Its outstanding adhesion on most surfaces makes it possible for DuraPol UHT to be applied to field welds on 3 layer PP and FBE coated line pipe.

Kemira expands its use of DuraPol UHT in concentrated sulphuric acid tanks following successful field trials. Fluoropolymer sheet systems have been replaced by DuraPol UHT.

DuraPol UHT Continues to Protect Teal Cooling Coil at Shell UK E&P