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DuraPol Products

Key Coating Application Areas

  • Internal carbon and stainless steel surfaces of acid gas absorbers, regenerators, reboilers, flash drums and associated pipework exposed to hot amine solutions including MEA, DEA, MDEA, DGA and ADIP and proprietary blends. DuraPol UHT has full resistance to all amnes at temperatures and pressures up to 150oC and 1000 psig respectively. DuraPol UHT has a +15 year proven track record in this type of service making it the first choice in protecting all equipment in acid gas treament plants. 
  • DuraPol UHT has been successfully applied to amine regenerators at several sites where CO2 is removed from flue gases using amine technology.
  • Acid storage tanks, railcars and concrete secondary containment areas as well as acid neutralisation pits and tanks.
  • Tanks storing chemicals from pH 1 to 14 and aggressive solvents at elevated temperatures. DuraPol UHT has unmatched resistance to 98% sulphuric acid at temperatures up to 80oC.
  • Subsea duplex spool external surfaces operating at high temperatures with cathodic protection where chloride and hydrogen induced stree corrosion cracking can occur.
  • Tanks and process vessels constructed from stainless steel or protected by alloy cladding are now being replaced with DuraPol coated carbon steel at a fraction of the cost.
  • Heat exchanger tube sheets and tube / shell internals.
  • Evaporators and deaerators operating at close to 110oC are being routinely coated. Very first deaerators have now been in service for nearly 10 years without any coating damage.
  • Hydrocarbon/water/gas three phase separators operating at pressures up to 2000 psig and temperatures up to 150oC.
  • Flue gas ducts operating at temperatures up to 300oC.
  • Concrete containment bunds exposed to a mixture of chemicals.

These are just a few of the many areas where DuraPol coatings have been key to successful plant operation.


Key Coating Application Properties

  • Coating is applied using standard single component airles spray equipment.
  • Coating thickness applied can be up to 2000 microns in 1 coat on vertical and roof surfaces even under high ambient temperature conditions.
  • Coating fully cures at ambient cure without the need for post cure to achieve full chemical and anticorrosion properties within 24 hours.