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DuraPol UHT (Repair Grade)

  • Solvent-free, two-component, hybridized epoxy offering temperature resistance from -70°C to +190°C (374°F) immersed and +250°C (482°F) non-immersed. Resists thermal cycling.
  • An excellent broad range of chemical resistance.
  • Industry-standard for acid gas amine service.
  • Resists dissolved H2S at high temperatures.
  • Insitu application to exterior of hot surfaces.
  • Combats CUI “Corrosion under Insulation”.
  • Single coat application.
  • Cures at ambient temperature.
  • Can be cleaned using high-temperature steam.
  • Can be used to repair old damaged coatings including glass and rubber lined vessels.

Application Areas

Chemical tanks, process vessels, evaporators, scrubber units, heat exchangers, separators, condensers, distillation units, autoclaves, molten sulphur tanks, acid gas treating units (absorbers, regenerators, reboilers, storage tanks, pumps and heat exchangers). Internal coating of pipe-work, pumps and valves.

The external coating of insulated and non-insulated pipes, spools and process equipment operating from sub-ambient to high temperatures. Will mitigate chloride and hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking in stainless and duplex steels. This is normally seen when there is high-temperature exposure to hydrogen and chlorides, i.e. salt-laden environment where cathodic protection is also employed.

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